Friday, January 1, 2010

Another cake done. Cheers to new beginnings

Another cake done today - what makes me nervous is always whether the cakes I make actually taste good once it's cut. I suppose I am a control freak - I can control how it looks but I can't cut the cake once completed!

I've been so busy trying to juggle finishing some information sheets for Sandy's Sweets - I want to distribute them soon to get some orders!!! Doing that, and trying to still make time for my kids and family is no easy task, but I'm managing and still enjoy the process. I often wonder though, how Sandy's Sweets will develop...I guess this is the perfect timing...with a new year, a new beginning, and a new challenge!

I am going to begin to post to friends about this blog - I know it's not complete and my perfectionist personality almost impedes me from letting others know about this blog...but...what's a blog without people reading and commenting on it right?! I can't be perfect all the time!!!


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