Friday, January 15, 2010

Barbie Doll lessons

So, I received a last minute order for a girl's 5th birthday.  She likes Barbies and pink. ... so what a great way to test my Barbie decorating skills!

The cake was supposed to be my mind, at least.  so I didn't work on it until the day before.  I thought I had everything I needed.

Instead of carving my own dome, I thought, since I have a 50% off coupon from Michael's, I could invest in a doll pan and thus avoid wasting cake through the carving process....I was WRONG!

First attempt:  the cake did not cook in the centre at all!!!
Second attempt:  I lowered the temp and cooked double the time...almost the same results.
Third attempt:  I was so frustrated by then (and in and out of watching the kids and thinking I'm running out of time).  So I baked my cake on 2 9" pans so that I can carve my own

The results?  the cakes were almost perfect.  Perfectly round and leveled...only that when I turned it, it didn't come out clean.  I probably was so frustrated by #2 attempt I did not grease the pans well enough.  Well, no big deal...icing can fix a million errors...

WRONG again

I put the cakes in the freezer cause I was running out of time.  I had to let the cakes cool so that I can work on it without it crumbling.  That was my second problem - not enough time in the fridge.

Once I started carving, things just weren't looking the way I wanted...more frustration.

Then I moved onto my design and the fondant...couldn't get the fondant to roll the way I wanted to, third problem.

Then I went back to my dome cake...the waist looked way too big....fourth problem!

Thank God Stephen came down by then and gave me a little break.  He encouraged me and helped me out a bit.

Once I got the skirt on the cake, things started rolling again.

Lessons learned?
1.  You really need to let the cake stand in the fridge for a good 1-2 hrs if you are going to do a lot of carving/icing on it
2.  If frustrated, move to something else first
3.  If you don't have a dome pan:  2 8 or 9" pans AND a cupcake (for the top).  I was missing the cupcake, thus the frustration

I still need to find out why my cakes won't cook in the Wilton Doll Pan.  I still suspect is just my temp and length in the I'll give it a 3rd try again sometime soon...I am not about to give up!  I googled for possible problems others might have had...but I couldn't find anything so I suspect the pan is perfectly's the temp and time.  I'll just use cake mix to ease my frustration if the cake turns into a disaster again :P

What matters most at the end?  I have a very happy 5 year old :P  That is what matters...the memories


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