Sunday, January 10, 2010

Lessons learned

I am going to share some tips I've learned in the couple of months I've been doing cake decorating as a stay at home mother today :

1.  You cannot decorate while the kids are roaming around - you just won't have the patience to focus!
2.  NEVER NEVER put fondant in the fridge - condensation problems!
3.  You can always reheat your hard fondant in the microwave for about 5's so much easier than working on it by hand!!!
4.  If you are like me and like to focus on decorating...get all your icing and cakes done the day before (or even before that) - that way, you just focus on decorating one day.
5.  Don't use sponge or chiffon cake as the base for your fondant covered cake - it's too soft
6.  A good pinch of salt on your buttercream icing REALLY does help cut the sweetness of the icing
7.  Best place to store your cakes/cupcakes, especially covered in fondant?  box them and keep them in a cool place at room temperature
8.  As soon as you have an idea/design, sketch it or else you'll forget - keep a notebook with you handy at all times


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