Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Sandy's Sweets expands to include Wedding Cakes and Gluten-free and Sugar free cakes??? Stay tune...

Well, I still can't believe it but Sandy's Sweets is surpassing my expectations (my original perfect situation was to get 1 order per week!).  I always thought if I get 2-4 orders a month as I start out I would be happy but this is already a reality for me!

Anyways, lately (this sounds funny cause so little time has passed by since I started off!) I've been getting inquiries about wedding cakes!  At first I wasn't sure but the more I think about it, the more I feel...why not!?  The only major challenge?  Testing my staking abilities for tiered cakes.

So, one new challenge for me in the coming weeks - I'll be testing my skills at making a 3 tiered cake.  Stephen and I never had a wedding cake (it was too expensive!) so we think this will be a wonderful time to have our wedding cake! :P to-do list, or better yet, my to-test list, keeps growing:

- wedding cakes
- gluten-free cupcakes (2nd attempt should be it - I'm pretty confident ^_^)
- sugar-free cakes (I am still not sure what people mean by sugar free...I guess it depends on what the customers mean)

Thank you all for your support and believe in Sandy's Sweets!  I truly feel blessed to have your support and to be able to bless you and your loved ones with my treats!!!

Stay tune..>I'll keep blogging my experiences as Sandy's Sweets continues its adventures in 2010


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