Monday, January 4, 2010

So this is for real...

What started with just an idea just a few couple of weeks ago is a real thing now.  Last night I finally sent out an official email to all my friends about Sandy's Sweets.  I still can't believe it.  And I got my fourth order, this time, not from the gal that has been supporting me all the way...and who has been ordering from me all December!

This, despite the short time I've been doing this, has been a great experience...from finding it rewarding to make yummy and delicious treats, to doing design of the logos and marketing material, to just simply being a way God has been showing me WHO I am...I Never really thought I was creative, or a good 'cook'...I knew I was a perfectionist, but not THAT much (I still hesitate to post on this blog because I feel I don't quite like everything in it in terms of the set up!).  God DOES lead in mysterious ways.  Whatever happens to Sandy's Sweets from hereon, I can say already that it's been a, wait...a GREAT experience.

Anyways, back to reality.  Today is the first day we all in the Lam household try to get back to a routine.  Stephen is back to work, we are all back to waking up early, Samuel is back to nursery school, Sarah is back to spending mornings with me (not napping!), and I'm back to mothering 2 kiddies at is good :)

I will continue to post my adventure with Sandy's Sweets in this blog despite my hesitation - as Stephen says, this blog idea suits me...I like to talk and share thoughts.... ^_^  Perhaps he is right!


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