Thursday, January 7, 2010

Testing new ideas

So with the ok from hubby I decided I had to test some things tonight.  First, I needed more cupcakes so I decided to give Martha Steward a second chance.  Made some spice cupcakes but yikes! they are bitter!  Good thing they are just testers!! This is the second recipe I try and so far no real good results ... looks great, taste not so great.

Then, I put all those ideas I've been accumulating in my little idea notebook into test.  I find i just have to do them not too long after I write/draw my sketches or else I can't sleep!  So, what did I do?

Tried to do some Chinese New Year themes, Office themes and just general cupcakes.  I had some designs for the olympics but by then I was too tired.

So, go to fb and I hope you enjoy viewing them!


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