Sunday, January 24, 2010

Wedding Cake Project

So, it's done!  After what must have been about 10 or more hours of work, I finished a 3 tier wedding cake - just for practice.  I am happy with the overall look but some things didn't go as well as I wanted.

What I'm happy about:
- the cakes were good
- the cake looks awesome
- i can stack cakes now
- I really need a more powerful mixer for large batters, and fondant

What I am not happy about:
- borders were crooked
- I need to find better suited cake boards for stacking
- I need to buy the right pans for a 3 tier cake
- I didn't get to make a wedding cake topper

For an in-depth step by step with picture process go to my Facebook fan page.  All the pictures are there

I am actually glad I got this done today...don't ask me how cause I still managed to take the kids to swimming lessons and go to our church's small group looking ahead I won't have time to test or practice anything.  This coming week I have 3 orders back to back it seems...A reg bday cake, a Chinese New Year cake and Baby shower cakes....all very interesting!


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