Thursday, January 21, 2010

A week to focus on admin work!

Ah...what happens to you when you don't have orders in the week?

1.  Thanks to my friend Karen, in Vancouver, I was able to do some neat things to the blog.  Thanks Karen!!! You rock!

2.  I started sketching the wedding cake I am going to make for myself.  From flavours, shapes, designs, colours, etc.

3.  I tested and approved new gluten-free cupcakes.  Next week I'll try the gluten-free chocolate cupcakes.  I also tried a delicious cream cheese sponge cake for my not-allergic fans.

4.  I hate clowns, but my creative side had to settle with decorating clown cupcakes as part of the Wilton Decorating Class I'm attending.  They turned out cute, but still, I'm not crazy about clowns :)

5.  My dear cousin's wife, Sheffield, has been helping me scout for packaging samples, rubber stamps, and anything in between in Hong Kong.  Sheffield, you are AWESOME.  I can't wait to see the books you got me and try them out.  I also am going to order a stamp that I can use to stamp my logo/name on fondant...a 'signature' to my creations.  Can't wait.

6.  Menu list.  I need to revamp my menu list.  It is ok right now, but it can be better.  Still haven't had the energy to get really into it though.


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