Tuesday, January 5, 2010

What kind of cupcakes do you like?

So, I couldn't resist today - Despite the fact that I had both kids with me all day today, one of them having a cold, and after spending all morning cleaning the house, I just HAD to make some cupcakes.  I have been wanting to make another one of Martha's cupcake recipes but her recipes just yield way too many for my liking....easily 25-40 cupcakes per recipe!

Anyways, I opted to repeat my general golden vanilla cupcakes/vegan but modify it to turn it lemon flavour.  I had to go with something simple since I had Sarah holding my pants all the time I was mixing!!! It was very cute to see how excited the kids were.  Sarah almost found strength to open the oven door!!!!

So, after they came out I made a small batch of cream cheese buttercream icing and decided to let the kids eat one each with sprinkles on top.  In typical Samuel fashion, I had to fed him with a fork.  And in typical Sarah fashion, she wanted to eat it a-la-Sarah...with hands and everything.  Glad Stephen wasn't around to see the mess.

I tried them too, of course, since I've been having a sweet tooth lately...but I didn't like it as much as my coconut cupcakes.  I think the 'problem' is that I like cupcakes that have more substance to it...these cupcakes are super moist and soft.  But too moist and soft to my liking.  How about you reader???

The cream cheese frosting was good too but again, nothing compares to chocolate icing to me.  For some odd reason, when I see brown icing I just want to lick it all.  When I see white icing, I just think of the fat in it...could it be because when I make it all the fatty stuff is white???


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