Friday, January 15, 2010

Wilton Decorating Classes - Class One

So, after delays and postponements, I finally attended my second decorating class.  The class is big - I think there are 12 of us there.  I'm so happy that my friend signed up so that I have company!  In many ways, the class is just a fun relaxing time for me, away from the kids.  On the other hand, though, I'm learning to fix some bad habits I have in cake that is good.  I know, in some ways, I don't think I really need to take the class, but in other ways, it's good to see how the teacher does things, get some feedback on my techniques, etc....after all, it doesn't hurt!

In class one (which seems like ages ago - DEC 09), I learned how to best make buttercream icing:
1.  Do not use Crisco - use No NAME brand.  Why?  Because the no name brand has more fat in it and it holds your flowers and piping designs better
2.  Use Meringue powder in your buttercream icing - I never used to put it and that is why my cakes did not crust well.  Now, i only delete it from my recipes if I have people with egg allergies.  After all, meringue powder is basically egg whites.

Class 2
1.  I am a perfectionist :)

2.  Don't fill your piping bags too much - that is why I used to get arthritis in my arm.  Now I know better
3.  How to best cut your piping bags
4.  My teacher's technique of tracing a 2D design vs my technique - I like mine better.  She pipes all her stars on the design first and then outlines it on top.  I outline first and then go around it.  I like mine better.
5.  How to transfer a design onto a cake using gel

I will keep on blogging my week will be cupcake clowns.  I am planning to test my gluten free chocolate cupcake recipes!

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