Sunday, February 7, 2010

Fashionista Birthday Cake

This week has been interesting.  I knew I had one order for a birthday cake in the shape of a chanel handbag with a shoe.  It turned out to be much more than that!

Chanel Handbag.  
The customer wanted a specific type.  Here were my lessons: 
1.  She likes black and a cake covered entirely by black is a challenge.  It's very hard to get black other than buying ready made, but I wanted to try.  I was able to reach the black I wanted but there is a side effect ... because there is so much edible ink in the fondant, I can't store it in the fridge.  As I was molding my hands were melting the fondant so much it was bleeding.  So I imagine the same thing will happen when the cake comes out of the fridge!  
2.  The chains.  I first wanted to use real chains from a hardware store, but the ones I bought were too bulky so settled with making them out of fondant!  Such a tedious work!!!!
 3.  Gold is also hard to get right - I'm not feeling great about the outcome but it's a good start!

Christian Louboutin Shoe
1.  Gumpaste.  i read a little about this on the web and decided I'll give it a try.  it is basically a hard form of fondant.  I don't like to work with it as much as fondant but it hardens very fast very well so it's great for cake accessories.
2 . Templates - I had to come up with my own templates on how to make a shoe! That took the longest!
3.  Glue - again, more googling to find what to use to glue gumpaste well - meringue power with water!
4.  Varnish - I wanted to give the shoe a shine finish and found a recipe for edible varnish.  In the end, though, I didn't use it cause I ran out of time.
5.  Challenge?  The shoe needed to be HIGH my first try was a failure cause it broke while drying

Lipstick and brush
1.  No huge challenges here.  A couple of interesting points
2.  The lipstick dried croocked once again.  Next time i leave things to dry I have to watch for gravity's force!
3.  Brush - I actually tried the garlic press to get my bristles!

1.  This was done as an artistic spurr of a moment last minute.  I still had left over red gumpaste from the shoe so decided to beef up the overall look with a couple of flowers

Covering cake board with fondant
1.  I also tried this for the first time.  I love the look but it's so hard to do!  Because I used a 16" cake board (big) i had to have a perfectly large rolled fondant piece to glue it to the board.  Not only did that take time, I also had to mix purple...again, the least part of the fondant making process for me.  I did this on Tues for a Sat order b/c fondant needs to harden a bit before I can put the stuff on top!

Overall, what matters to me the most is that people do recognize it's a bag and a shoe :P and my cousin just called to say the cake was delicious and was not too sweet for her - just right (she doesn't like too sweet)...Mission ACCOMPLISHED!


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