Tuesday, February 9, 2010

First time using Wilton's Fondant

Well, so I finally did it.  I used Wilton's Ready made fondant.  I know...most reviews I've read say it is great to work with but tastes aweful...It's so expensive (I paid almost 20 bucks for a box, that is, after 40% off!) but I had no option - this is for my cake decorating class, and of course, it's a Wilton course so they require you to use their brand.

My conclusions so far?

- it is indeed great to use.
- it doesn't taste 'aweful' but I think the real test will come when I actually taste it With cake!

I also bought a bucket of red fondant from another brand yesterday.  Will be using that on Sat when I decorate the ferrari car order.  I will see how I like that.  From what I know so far, I think it is a better version of Wilton...

I do hope the Wilton fondant taste decent...cause after all, I WILL be giving out this cake for people to eat!!!

Will keep you posted! 


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