Sunday, February 7, 2010

My first blackberry cake

I received a last minute order request for our church's pastor's birthday on Saturday night, for Sunday.  After some thinking, I decided to take the order since I did have the evening off and I had an entire cake sitting in the fridge waiting for a purpose in life :P  So it was perfect!!!

While the kids were taking their baths with daddy, I went to my desk and started thinking, sketching.  Though I could've made a simple cake I wanted something interesting, partly as my gift and appreciation to our pastor...

Having seen him countless time on a palm, blackberry or laptop -  I thought, hey, let's do a gadget.

After doing the chanel handbag the night before, though, I was sort of done with doing a black opted for a white blackberry

The process was surprisingly fast (3-4 hrs) and smooth.  I like the end product and the keyboard was ok for a first I think...the keyboard is the part that takes the longest!

I hope Pastor Tim enjoys it and makes the association!


  1. Would you consider shipping to New York?

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  3. I'm serious. Where in Canada are you located? I need a cake for April. My son is turning 9!

  4. I'm in Toronto...where exactly are you? WRite me an email to and we can take it from there!!!!

  5. Sorry, I didn't get a chance to check the message. I'm in New York. I'll send you an email when it gets closer to April. Thanks!