Friday, February 5, 2010

New Kitchen Aid Mixer!!!

So, I finally found a more powerful mixer.  I mean, I haven't really been looking but a friend emailed me asking for my opinion since she saw one with a $100 rebate in the Costco website.  So, before she even made her decision, I had placed the order.

I had a Ultra 300 watt stand up mixer before, but it's been struggling a lot, especially when I make fondant.  It just doesn't handle dough very well and I don't really have the energy to knead myself.  Given that each time I make a cake with fondant I have to knead it to room temperature, whenever I can ask my appliances to do my job, I let them!

So, to my surprised, the mixer arrived at my door 2 days after I placed the order.  Both mixers are now sitting on my kitchen counter side by side...ahhh such a pretty sight!  (I will post pictures later! Promise!)

What did I get?  A pro HD series...475 watt and 5 q. capacity.  So it is an upgrade.  Plus it's a lift model as opposed to the tilt model I had before.

Here are my reviews on the product - I used it once last night and used the exact same recipe on my old mixer this morning.

The pro is bigger - and this means the bowl is bigger, the attachments are bigger and the power is bigger - it also means it's noisier...and if you use small recipes, this is not something you need....too big of everything.  My recipe was a small one (for a 1 9" square pan) so I did find it a bit big

- the lift model is nice when you need to add ingredients during the mixing process.The fact that you can lower the bowl farther from the top/motor means there is less of a chance for you to mess the top (less cleaning)

- It took me a while to figure out how to secure the bowl have to really push hard (and pull when you are done) to secure it in place.  I wonder if I'll get better at it with practice because when I am done, I have to be really careful to not spill when pulling it out

- I did find it difficult to scape the sides of my bowl with this model.  THough I can lower the bowl, the attachments are so big I have very little room to put my spatula and scrape the sides.  This is an area I think the tilt model is better.  By tilting it back, i seem to have a bit more room, even though the attachments do get on my way.

- I definitely LOVE the red as opposed to black

- this new model has a 'no puff' function meaning when you turn it on it starts slow.  No more messes...yeah!  a definite plus

- when i pushed to levels 9 and 10 (max) the mixer still wobbled a bit...I suppose unless you get a real pro version you will always get a bit of that..No real complaint though

Overall I a m happy.  I think the size will take some adjustments for me.  Looking forward to using it.  And going through the process of saying good bye to my good old mixer....she's been faithfully serving me for the past 5+ years....


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