Friday, February 12, 2010

A present on Valentine's Day/Chinese New Year/Family Day weekend!

I am very happy with this cake.  This was an assignment for my Wilton Cake Decorating class but because we focused so much on roses that day, we barely had time to cover the cake with fondant.  We did have to have colours and designs in mind already before going.  I knew I didn't want the typical pink, purples or yellows...wanted to test out other colours.  So Tiffany inspired me with this one.  I could have gone with a white ribbon and aqua background I suppose, but I figured just in case anything changes during class, white is a safer bet.

I do find the Wilton fondant really nice to work with, better than the marshmallow fondant.  Though I've only tasted it a bit WITHOUT cake, it didn't seem so bad.  I was surprised, though, at how thick my teacher wanted the fondant to be.  I was still rolling when she told me it was already too thin!!!

I wanted to see how she taught me to do the corners of the square cake.  It actually isn't that much different from the round cake...don't pull the fondant...go little by little and adjust the corners...same principle as all other shapes really.

Why does everyone use a pizza cutter to cut the fondant?  I hate it!  I don't really feel I have much control...rather prefer a simple small knife!

The finishing touches - well, I did make a bow as per the Wilton book...but decided to scrap it all and redo everything at home.  I like this version much better.  I know now I can't be rushed...this cake is being donated to our church's this Sunday for the Chinese New Year celebration.  It's not a huge cake but I did layer it 3 times with chocolate it should be yummy!

The beads?  took me forever...but again, just lots of work but not hard work.  Use the same cutter and cut the same sizes of round and then make a ball out of them.  glue with water.

Actually this morning I woke up and saw that the bow had dropped ...this ready made fondant is taking forever to dry.  So I just put some tissue paper inside the loops and will keep it there till Sunday I should dry by then!!!


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