Sunday, February 14, 2010

Vroom Vroom

So, another weekend gone and another challenged tackled.  This one was the one with the most details I would say.  Total approximate times?

- About 3-5 hours on and off of researching what a Ferrary Formula 1 car looks like, how I could put that in cake, colours needed, templates, etc.
- About 1-2 hrs of baking and icing preparation
- About 3 hrs to carve and put basic red fondant on cake
- About 4 hrs of work on details

Total time...approx 12-15 hrs!!!

Some highlights and lowlights :P
- I bought ready made red fondant this time as per suggested by my teacher.  Although it saved me a lot of time in fondant preparation and tinting, I do not like the texture of the was so soft.  I am not used to putting THICK fondant on cakes so of course, my fondant broke in some areas when I covered the car
- I used swiss buttercream icing instead of the regular buttercream icing - I think it's just delicious.  I used Martha Steward's CUPCAKES book's recipe
- My son had a terrible night of bad dreams while I was covering the it didn't help!
- Carving the car at first was nerve wracking ... the trick was to be able to envision the cake in 3D and to go slowly
- I didn't want to cut the cake to be exactly the same proportions of the F1 car...the cake is to feed about 20 people - I had to make sure it could feed that many!!!
- DETAILS - oh the logos, Vodafone logos, Ferrari logos, Marlboro, the wings in the car (took forever!), wheels, letters, etc...lots and lots and I could have continued with even more!!!
- My cousin and my brother were with me...that really helped to keep me going.  Otherwise, I think I might have given up sooner (and as a result ended up with a car with less details) ... Thanks guys for keeping me company!
- A lot of friends are surprised this was such a big task - they think a purse is harder...NOT!!! The car has sooo many more angles!!!!  once you finish carving, you have to find a way to cleanly cover it in fondant!!! it's a trick for sure!!!

Overall, though, I'm happy with the results.  And today, after delivering the cake, I was looking at all the scraps left and in 1 hrs came up with another mini cake...not bad for scraps eh!? :P


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