Saturday, March 6, 2010

Spring is in the air - now the family needs to get better soon

Spring is definitely in the air.  As I type this I see the sunshine come down on my patio set in my porch.  It's 10 degrees ... amazing...but I am stuck at home, sick, alongside with my daughter and soon my husband.  Samuel is all better now though.  It's been a tough week (seems longer!) was the same story last weekend - but back then it was Samuel who was sick.

Despite all these challenges, I am still making cakes...and have been testing new recipes!  Amazing when I think of it.  The combination of doing cakes and caring for a sick household has come with much stress, but also has helped me relax in a funny way.  One thing I notice though - I am not as creative or patient....and who would blame me!!!

What Have I done lately?  a 2 tier rose cake with white and carrot cake inside, cream cheese icing.  Tiramisu cupcakes to die for, Carrot cupcakes yummy and moist, and a strawberry shortcake I'm testing in the fridge (since ,ahem, I have so much time) :P  Enjoy the pics!


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