Friday, June 11, 2010

Having fun once again

I have a super busy month - some of you might not be surprised but I am!!! anyways, I just LOVE it when my cake orders inspire me...and this weekend I wanted to show you 2 that did.

One of my best friends birthday is this weekend and I wanted to do something special for her...she is not easily surprised so I tried to figure out what would be best - and as I researched more and more I got inspired more and that feeling.  She loves red, purses, and shoes and we always joke with her about her pedicures..So..that is the direction I went.  But as any creative person will tell you, not even I knew what the cake would look like until I sat down to carve it last night!  Here is the final product!!!  I have been experimenting with chocolate lately and just am having so much fun with it!!! the shoe isn't the best yet but I'm sure I'll get the hang of it soon enough...

The second 'cake' isn't really a cake but a good example of what we can create even on a budget :P  The birthday girl originally wanted a ballerina cake but because the family is going on a Disney trip they wanted just to have a simple birthday just 12 simple cupcakes...So, instead, I just dressed up the 'cake' with the here it is...

What do you think???


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