Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Regular Recipes vs. Allergen Free Recipes

One great thing about making cakes for people is that I get a chance to test pans and recipes.  As you know, I can make allergen free cakes - free of dairy, soy, eggs, nuts, etc.  But lately I have noticed that my allergen free recipes behave differently, especially when I use special pans that have special shapes.  I never thought of this before - in the past, when I had failed attempts (e.g. cake batter would not cook in the middle and burn on the sides) -- instead, i just attributed these disasters to the pans, my baking techniques or my oven.  But after all the 'practice'...I've narrowed it down to this.  Allergen free cake batters behave differently when cooked.  And for some reason (I'm still searching) they have a harder time baking when the cake pans are deeper, in odd shapes, or even when they are not coated.  The reasons?  perhaps the lack of eggs?  perhaps the vinegar?  i don't know yet.

I shall continue to experiment - ..... and I shall continue sharing my experience....


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