Thursday, August 19, 2010

Candy Buffets - my new obsession

My daughter's first birthday is fast approaching and the stakes are hight ^_^ ... what to do, what to do?  After toying with so many ideas I've decided to work on a candyland adventure theme...Instead of focusing on a central cake, I'm going to attempt to put on a full candy buffet.  So what's in the plan?

Lots of things...I just hope I pull through most of the things in my mind.  The 'problem' is that I often have too many ideas but little time to execute.  In order to get this party going, I'm going to have to rely on not just my baking/cake decorating skills, but also my scrapbooking skills, decorating in general and more...

To start off, these are the 'invites' I've sent out.  They are candy box-invites.

Then, to the candy buffet menu.  My challenge this time is to put together something that is dairy and egg free.  So, I have started a working menu - and will work towards it....  The 'menu' includes homemade strawberry marshmallow squares, fondant lollipops, homemade suckers, jelly beans, a macaron (not vegan) tower, hard rock candy sticks, cake pops...and of course cupcakes with one special one for my daughter.

The Cake....I'm still debating whether to do a big candyland cake...I might not.  I really don't want leftovers (the kids will decorate their own party favour bags and fill it with candy from the buffet) so perhaps I will do an extra special cupcake for her to blow candles on...I don't know yet...stay tuned :)

As to the rest of the party...hopefully I will still have the energy to prep games and music etc...

Music - I have started collecting all sorts of child-friendly music related to lollipops, sweets, candy, etc...  Will use them throughout the party and if needed in the games (musical chairs)

Candy Games and Crafts - so many to choose from!  Will start narrowing down my list soon!

Storytime - yeap, you heard right...gotta squeeze some reading into the party LOL...yesterday I went to the library and asked the help desk to help me find toddler/kid story books about candy.  You'd think it would be easy but it isn't!  I don't want anything that is related to Halloween or it took some skill to find some possible I just have to sit and wait for the call (they are all in backorder) and then hopefully I'll find one or two suitable ones for the party!

Lunch - thank God my husband will be in charge of that...Chinese takeout!!!

What else will I have to cover?  I think "that is it" ...but...I still have about 4 weeks to I'll continue to think it over and will hopefully share the process and the results with you as I move along!


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