Monday, August 30, 2010

Flower Pot Cake

I received a last minute request to make a cake for someone who likes gardening...nothing big, but if possible, 3D.  This was my latest very last minute 3D cake - and this one was going to be a challenge because it required making roses!!!

Roses take time to make - you see, you can't rush them.  I used this opportunity to try a new technique.  Although I liked the roses I made before, I wasn't 100% happy with them - they did not look close to being real to me!  So, checking at my stuff, I noticed I had rose and yellow edible dust that I had not used to date yet - so, why not make a pot of pink roses!?

Building the rose was just the same technique - I think next time I might try going one petal at a time and see if that  makes them even more real - these are better than just dying the gumpaste the colour you want, but if I wanted dark strong colours it might be hard to do.

Making the dirt was fun too - I crumbled oreo cookies :)  but half way through the crumbling process I realized that all the crumbs that came from shaping the cake could have been crumbled to make the dirt too!

The shovel - not happy with it but given the time restraints I'm hapy with it - it adds the gardening theme to the cake.  I would have airbrushed the shovel instead of using glaze...and would have done it 2-3 days beforehand to give it time to dry ...  oh well...

Even the roses - I think they turned out great given that I literally had 2 days to work on them when ideally I would have started doing roses 1 week (at least) ahead of time.  But I did run out of roses (I made 15) so I had to take them all out, coat the top of the cake with oreos to fill the gaps with 'dirt' and then reassembled the roses again.

I can see my mom enjoying this too - it would make a lovely gift I think.


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