Friday, August 6, 2010

Seashells and Fish

After a quiet July, August started with a busy project - my first wedding order!  I wasn't really sure how much work it would mean, or how I would manage, or if I would have enough table space to store my cupcakes, but in the end everything turned out well.  I ended up building my own cupcake tower - with the help of my husband.  In hindsight, I could have built each layer a bit taller so that the cupcakes could be displayed better.  But all in all I am happy.

I also learned a lot about chocolate, and specifically white you can see, all 200 cupcakes had white chocolate sea shell toppings!  All made by Sandy's Sweets!!!

I was surprised to receive a last minute order right after the wedding cake order...the customer asked for a fish-cake...this was a first for me, yet again. .... and I knew the key would be in the airbrush work!!!  It turned well, but I admit I don't know much about fish anatomy!!!


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