Sunday, October 10, 2010

Fall Wedding Cake - Love is in the air!

Working on details for the cake
I am completely happy with my latest project:  a fall theme wedding cake.  As some of you know, I had just taken a break in September (a trip to Peru), so I can't lie - I was beyond stressed when I realized upon my return that I had about 10 days to get my act together and come up with a 4 tier wedding cake!  But I am so happy with the results!!!   Here are some things I learned in the process:

- cake decorating, as everything else, can remind you of life.  As I was working on the cakes, design, decorations, etc., I was often filled with anxiety, fear, doubts and frustrations.  Just like in life, I was so fearful of failure.  But I had a cheerful husband by my side and lovely cousins.  They were my sounding board, my encouragement.  I pressed on, not knowing exactly what the cake will look like, but knowing that at the end it would be good for the couple :)  And...this morning, as I started assembling the cake, I saw step by step how everything fit into a masterpiece...Life might not make sense to me at times, but the Lord (the creator) knows!
Accents - all handmade

- "steaming" flowers.  I saw this in some cake decorating shows so I gave it a try.  After applying all the colours to my maple leaves and roses, I asked my cousins to pass the creations in add shine to them!  they worked and the roses especially became a lot more real!

- finding the right colours - I tried using air brushes and powders for the fall leaves.  In the end, I chose petal dust to colour my leaves.  I experimented with a base colour of green, orange and orange/red gumpaste/fondant and then applied green, red, yellow petal dust....I would have loved to find a deeper red petal dust - that will be a challenge for next time!

- my husband, my support, my helper - my husband was the architect in building the cake stand and in making sure the wooden dowels that support the cake would be accurate in hight. pays to be a good mathematician!  Thank you hubby!

Here are some pics I want to share with you...and thanks to the lovely newly wed couple for trusting me with your wedding cake! I just simply feel honoured and humbled that you would choose to trust me of all the options you had!!!  May the Lord bless you and your marriage!!!
The finished product

Sandy's Sweets :)


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