Saturday, December 11, 2010

Sarah's Sweet Shop Party - a Candyland Adventure - a milk, nut and soy free party!

My daughter's 2nd birthday was coming up and after much research I finally decided I wanted to try to plan a party for her at home, intimate, just with close friends (Sarah's friends), and something where the kids actually have planned activities instead of free play.  I knew I was getting myself into a lot of work, but at the same time, I was really excited about the possibilities.

My choice?  A Candyland Party!  Sarah loves princesses but I thought a princess party was too early for her.  Her second favourite thing is candy and anything sweet so this was perfect!

I started off with invitations.  They were ... of course, made of candy!  I had been recycling different containers so used one that was small, put some candies inside, and rolled the invites inside.  Here are some pictures:

I researched online for ideas for the message and in the end decided on this:  "Gumdrops and Lollipops...Candy Galore!  Come to Sarah's 2nd birthday party and see what we have in store.  Join us for a Candyland Adventure on ...... where we will eat sweets and treats, play games and have lots of fun!!!! Please let us know if you can come!"

The other theme name I gave to the party was "Sarah's Sweet Shop" other words, to think of home as a Candy Store!!!

The next thing I had to plan was the Candy Buffet. I had seen so many links of women who had shared what they had done for their kids' birthday parties I really wanted to try this idea.  Here are some of the links.  I wished I could share with you all the links I used but there were too many.  I give all these bloggers credit for helping me!!!!

Pretty in Prints
Hostess with the mostess
The celebration Shoppe
Gordon Gossip
The Party Dress
Martha Stewart

In the menu, I had planned many things.  All of which had to be nut, milk and soy free because of some of the kids' allergies.  I also wanted to make my own candies whenever possible, so I began trying some recipes one month ahead.

Lollipop Trees - buy lollipops, a styrofoam cone I got from Walmart, and stuck the lollipops on it.  I didn't have time but in an ideal world I would have wrapped the cone with candyland coloured ribbons first.
Gingerbread Men Cookies - I did not end up baking these since my table was already too full!
Pink and teal rock candy - you can find a simple recipe anywhere online.  But beward, start early!!!!  These took me 2-3 weeks.  The candies need time to crystallize.
Pink Popcorn Balls - I didn't do them after all.  Too much already.  But this is the recipe I was going to try from Martha
Jelly beans and other candies from the local bulk barn store
Marshmallow pops - didn't use them but they are basically marshmallows on sticks and then dipped in chocolate and sprinkles.  I ended up making my own strawberry marshmallows.  They were a hit!  Got the recipe on Martha's site.  It can get messy when you beware
Fruit Wands: I just ended up serving on plates.  But this is a neat idea if you have time.
cotton candy on little containers
-   strawberry/fruit topitiary


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