Saturday, February 5, 2011

Chinese Theme Birthday Cake

So, I finally had a chance to make a cake that has a Chinese theme.  This cake was for someone's 80th birthday - a big birthday for Chinese people.  I was so thankful I had my husband to ask what was proper - from colour schemes, to words, to the symbolism of different things.  Then...the challenge was to keep the cake relatively 'simple', as per the request...something very difficult for me to do!

Carving the 2 fish was actually not that easy!  it wasn't until I covered them with fondant that I had a better idea of whether it actually had a fish-like shape!  And I really should have kept the first one I carve in sight while cutting the second one because the second one came out too fat :)

All in all though, I really enjoyed this project.  Trying the new technique with the scales was fun too.  I'd seen this on a cake show - making Christmas Trees.  Thought, "hey, that might work on a fish!"

Thank you fans for continuing to give me the chance to try new things!


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