Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A busy weekend of creating and giving

As I posted earlier, Sandy's Sweets has been given several opportunities to give in the last little while.  I wanted to share with you the journey through this last weekend...

Here are the creations we did...

for a baby shower, I was going to make a Pampers box full of diapers but upon reflection I realized I really didn't want any leftover cake...so I opted for a baby wipes box...brilliant! :)

I originally wanted to use a loaf pan, but ended up using a 9x13 pan and cut into size...this way, I used the oven only once since I only have 1 loaf pan...I didn't want to waste electricity! (Yes, I don't have a gas stove).

The challenge of this 3D cake was not the carving....it was the colour of the box!  Being the perfectionist I was, I wanted to get the right Pampers green colour - (I could have made life a lot easier if I had gone with Huggies - just white fondant!).  Never shy away from a good challenge!!! ^_^

The second challenge....and the one I almost didn't do - the cover.  I tried with my helper (aka hubby) to figure out how to do this since gumpaste was out of the question because that would take days to dry - so ...in the end, after 3 trials, we settled with cardboard covered by fondant.

The cake turnout out so real that I almost mistakenly went to it to grab a wipe! :)  and when we presented it to the kids at the party - my son asked me..."mom, it's tissue!"

That was Friday night.....

Saturday night .... I had promised my friend I would donate a 3D violin cake, some cupcakes and perhaps mini cakes (I also wanted to do 4" huge rose cakes, but that will have to wait for another fundraising event)

Thanks to Stephen again, he got me a template of an actual violin.  Here are some pics of the cakes I ended up finishing and donating

Mini Flower Pot Cake - I made the flowers the night before to allow them to dry.  As usual, the difficulty in these cakes is icing a small cake, with a smaller circumference in the bottom.

This tea cup was a last minute inspiration - it's the same shape as the one above.  I had an extra flower.  And I had paper dollies - cut them into manageable sizes, use air brush

Same flowers but different colours and more layers.  I used daffodil petal dust to give it more shadows.  the flowers are sitting on icing

The Beatles - Free handed the pictures from a google search on "the beatles cartoon" :)

The 'masterpiece' - the base is chocolate rum cake.  All the black parts are either rice Krispies and/or just fondant.  The challenge?  THe strings!


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