Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Giving is better than receiving

The last several weeks have been amazing. As I shared with many of you before, Sandy's Sweets originated from my desire to bless people through cakes. I had very tangible opportunities as of late, to put this vision and goal into action. Let me share with you...

Urban Promise

I had an opportunity to share some healthy muffins to the kids at Urban Promise Toronto. 160+ muffins were donated to kids during their March Break program. Muffins with meaning is what I called them :)

Medical Missions Fundraiser - Cake Silent Auction

I had heard about cake auctions before...and so I thought, as a friend was part of a fundraising event, that perhaps I should donate some goodies and see if I could raise some monies for a medical missions project they have to provide free medical care to people in Cebu, Philippines. I attended the dinner there and it was so much fun to interact with people who were asking about the cakes. It was even more exciting to see people bid! Thanks everyone for your support to this great cause!

See my other post on descriptions on the actual cakes!


I also learned about a church bazaar happening in April. I was originally so timid about even thinking of the possibility of having a table where I'd be selling sweets but thanks to encouragement from friends, and after learning about why the host church is doing it, I decided to do it! I am just ecstatic and am looking forward to the FUN but also to, yet again, another chance to give to the community - 10% will go to the ministry at Jeremiah community

Giving IS definitely better than receiving...and I just feel blessed to be able to carry out Sandy's Sweets vision!!!


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