Friday, July 1, 2011

I have a renewed appreciation of teachers

Cookie Bouquet for TeacherCookie Bouquet for TeacherCookie Favours for School FriendsMessage to friends

Education, a set on Flickr.

School is over and I have both kiddies at home with me once again! Just before school ended I told myself I would definitely do something for my son's Kindergarten teacher and the Admin Staff at the school. I have wanted to do cookie bouquets all year long but never got to it. There was always something that 'came up'. So I told myself this time I would treat this as an order from someone else ^_^ are the results. -- one bouquet for the teacher (the one with the neat pencil holder), one for the principal, vice-principal and secretary (and really, whoever else in that office), and some for my son's special friends. I hope they know how much we thank them for all their work, patience and time!!!!


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