Friday, July 8, 2011

Mommy and Me Class - SPRING FLOWERS

I just led our first Mommy and Me Class for a small group!  After being asked many times by fans and friends when I was going to do classes, I finally decided to try this out - thank you Dorothy for pushing me to make this happen!

Sandy's Sweets continues to surprise me - You might not know that I used to be a Curriculum Developer for a chain of English Language Schools before I became a mommy and cake decorator.  Well, as I started planning this Mommy and Me class I found myself doing curriculum/lesson development once again! That was such a nice surprise! To be able to use a past skill with the newly found cake decorating skills and skills acquired as a mommy!!!!

Yes, there were messes.  Yes, there were screams.  Yes, there was crying (by the younger siblings).  But oh, were there smiles, laughs, and countless memorable moments such as seeing the kids learn how to say "spatula"; seeing their reactions when they smelled vinegar, vanilla and almond extract, their happy smiles when they were told they could lick the left over batter, and seeing them decorate their final cupcakes!  It was so much fun I think I'm game to do more of these after some adjustment to the class outline!

We wrapped up the session with circle time.  It was fun!  Here are some of the things we did; you can try them with your kids too!:


Tune: "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star"

Flowers, flowers everywhere,
In the garden, in my hair.
In the vase, at the store,
On the table, on the door.
What a lovely time of year,
Flowers blooming, bringing cheer.

Down around the corner At the bakery shop, 
Five little cupcakes With sprinkles on top. (Hold up 5 fingers and wiggle.)
Along came (child’s name) With a penny one day.
She bought a cupcake and She took it away.

I printed 5 cliparts of cupcakes and cut them and attached them onto popsicle sticks.  The kids seemed to like them!

And...we read Jake Bakes Cakes by Gerald Hawksley.

To end the session:  every kid likes stickers Right?  Everyone got cupcake stickers alongside their own creations! 

Are you interested?  Contact me!


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