Monday, January 23, 2012

What they say...

"I just wanted to let you know that the cake was amazing and everyone loved it especially my husband:) it tasted delicious and the fondant was addictive!" ~ Annette S.

"Thank you so much again for the beautiful cake! It was absolutely wonderful, and even though I didn't get a chance to have a piece (I know... sad!), it was completely finished almost as soon as it was put out on the dessert table! Everyone I spoke to told me how amazing and delicious the cake was, and how some people even went back for seconds/thirds/fourths! (Probably why I didn't get any cake at the end, haha.) :P...Thanks again for being a part of my day! :)"

- Farhana

"Just wanted to give you a big big thanks for the hard work you did for our cake. We LOVED it! We've been following you on the process on fb as you made this and were so excited to see it. It turned out EXACTLY as we had imagined and it was so delicious! We think you would be glad to know that there were no leftovers as everyone wanted a piece of that cake when they saw it and that was exactly the reaction we wanted! Hopefully we weren't too demanding and gave you a fun challenge with this project too. Thanks again!"
~Steve and Liza 
"I just wanted to email you and tell you how much Camilla and our friends enjoyed your cake. EVERYONE was in love, especially the girls. The guys were very impressed as well...Amazing detail and excellent work there. ...he taste and texture of the cake was fabulous. Everyone commented on how good the cake tasted. People had the impression that a nice looking cake may not taste all that great, but they REALLY enjoyed your design and taste. "  Wesley C.
"Just letting you know that your cake was a hit!  My girls loved it and was so glad to eat the same cake as her guests.  The cake was beautiful and it tasted yummy, even the guests loved it. "  Karen T. (allergy-free cake) 
"HI Sandy i just wanted to send you email to thank you again for the amazing cake, my family LOVED it and was talking about all the details and creativity about your creation. My dad very much loved it and appreciated the meaning and originality of the cake. You really did blow my expectations, i wasn't expecting the cake to be the fish, i just thought you were going to do 2 fishes as decorations to a cake. "  Julia L. 
"Sandy did a fantastic job on our wedding cake!  It was better than we had imagined it when she told us what she was thinking of!  Everyone loved the finished product and we had so many comments on where did you buy that cake from?  What bakery?  Etc. :) Great job!  ~ Rosanne W.


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