Monday, July 23, 2012

Hong Kong Style Paper Cupcakes - Recipe

I made these yummy Hong Kong Style Cupcakes the other day and lots of you asked me for the recipe.  I wished I could say it's my recipe but it is not!  Here it is, I took it from Christine's Recipe Blog - she has an awesome blog.  I just modified and adjusted some parts of it.

Some tips:

- I would up the sugar to 90 or 100 gr.  To me, it lacks just a tad more sugar

- I used a Wilton giant cupcake pan (comes with 6 slots) - it was perfect for these

- The flour batter will be very stiff at first...don't worry.  You will be lightening it with the egg white mixture.  DO NOT OVER MIX!!!  You want to keep all those air bubbles!!!

- I used regular all-purpose flour

- Oven Temp:  350F for 20 min.  Watch how your oven does. You want the cupcakes to come out nicely golden!

- Storage:  this is one time keeping the cake in a plastic or glass sealed box will help keep it most (for regular cakes, sometimes these plastic boxes keep 'too much' moisture and end up making your cupcakes/cakes too 'wet' - regular cake boxes are better because they keep only the right amount of moisture needed)



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