Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Sugar Flowers to the Extreme

The last 3 days have been full of amazing challenges, times to connect with others, of learning and processing new knowledge, and simply put, extreme experiences.

A while ago I signed up for Ron Ben-Israel's extreme sugar flower class.  I first found out about him through facebook.  From the first time I 'met' him, and "Liked" him, I fell in love with his amazing sugar creations!  So imagine my excitement when I found out he was going to teach here in town!

But I dared not sign up - My confidence level and belief in myself was so low.  Despite what everyone says, deep at heart I still feel like a novice and feared the class would be too hard...

 I'm so thankful for my husband - he not only encouraged me to go and to take a break from my other duties, but he also promised to watch the kids and keep the household going AND told me not to worry about the cost - he reminded me of my passions and what excites me ... And what sounded like an amazing honor and opportunity...

Anyways, I signed up with trepidation and excitement and am so glad I did - the class was full so quickly many people were left disapponted.  I was one of the lucky ones

I learned so much and was so blessed to simply be in the same room as him.  I have never seen his show "Sweet Genius" (yeah, but I had not seen "Cake Boss" and many others either), but to sit in the same room with him and to not only learn from him but to hear him so generously share his knowledge and experience was humbling.  Thank you Ron for your GENEROSITY and Professionalism to see beyond simply what you want for your own business but to have the vision to educate, encourage and train more people!

I also sat in a table with 3 other ladies.  One flew all the way from Germany, the other has a wonderful cake business in the US and one other was doing this as a hobby - the combination and different journeys just added to the 3 day adventure.

I am just so thankful for Lisa Bujela and her team at Flour Confections for not only putting this class together - the class was extremely organized and the staff super friendly.

And last but not least...hubby...I could not have done this course without you-  You not only watched the kids but you took them to their classes, birthday parties, cooked, and still managed to work.  You are awesome!

Here are some pictures -

Rose at mid-point

The amazing cake studio at Flour Confections

Lots of work!

Drying up all the sugar flowers

Ron working on a giant orchid

My giant orchid

My cute lily of the valley


You would think the rose is done!?  ah....there is more....

My finished rose

People ask me if Ron is nice in person - ah? what do you think? He was great!

Made amazing friend


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