Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Mother's Day Special

Mother's Day is fast approaching!  Here is a new thing I'm trying this year.  I'm offering 3 gift options for you...all wonderfully handcrafted!!!  Which one will wow that mom in your life?  Or perhaps you would like to make a special friend-mom smile this Mother's Day!?

I am also offering limited delivery service for a small fee this time.  Personally I thought I would want to receive a surprised package like these if I were at the I figured someone might too?  :D

Contact me ASAP as I can only take limited amounts of mother's day orders this year!

To all the moms out there...I will be thinking and thanking for all of you with each sugar petal I make, each icing batch I beat, and each batter I bake!  PROMISE!

Simply...Thank You!

For all you do
For all you say
For all you feel
From day to day

Day in and day out
You push yourself to
    love beyond what you think you can
To pour your life to us
   so that we may be
   what you see we are meant to be

Regardless of the response you get
In good days and in bad
In sleepless or peaceful nights
In connecting or rejecting moments
You never give up doing, saying, giving and feeling
Day in and day out

I thank God for all of you mothers out there
Who give it all
...and even more than all

This year
On Mother's Day
my prayer for you out there
is that you may hear, taste and see
from those whom you have poured your life over
that all giving has come back to give back to you
that you were noticed
that you are loved, and
that you are indeed very much loved!

Happy Mother's Day!


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