Sunday, June 22, 2014

Teacher Appreciation Gifts

Yes, you are almost there...Summer is just around the corner...and just before the kids are dismissed from school for summer, the slew of teacher and school administrative staff gifts will pour into the schools.

What are you getting teachers this year?   How about your kids' classmates?  Have you thought of an edible, handmade and locally made gift?  This is late in the game for me, but someone just asked me if I would take an order of mini cakes to give to their children's teachers...Great idea....

If you would like to place some last minute orders, let me know ASAP.....

1 comment :

  1. The cake above tasted just as great as it looks!! Sandy generously made this cake for our school staff even though it was a hectic week. Sandy - as I said, you have a god given talent and your passion is obvious...Taz