FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

April 2016

To all my supporters,

After a few months of reflection, I have decided to downsize Sandy's Sweets substantially.  Currently I feel the need to use my time and energy in other parts of my life.  Life only gives me 24 hours a day and I want to do everything I am committed to do with all my heart in it.

I've shared with you in many occasions that Sandy's Sweets grew from a plan God had for me to serve the community.  For that reason, I have put my heart and soul into each of your cakes.  Right now, I am convinced God is calling me to let go of this for a season and to focus on other ways to serve the community.  It's not an easy thing to let go of, but just as He has been so faithful in the past, I know He will be in the future.

So for 2016 - 2017 I will only be taking wedding (or large party) inquiries and deciding on whether I am able to take those orders on a case to case basis.

I will keep this website and the facebook page running as I know many of you enjoy it.  I would love to hear from you and how Sandy's Sweets has been able to make your day or someone you love's day!

I know this will disappoint some of you and I wished I had someone I could recommend you to go to - but I don't know anyone yet.  If I do, I will surely let you know!

Thank you again for all your support.  I can honestly say I can remember every cake I've made, every sleepless night I've had, every tear I've dropped, every smile I've seen, every piece of cake I've tasted and every moment of blessing I have been able to give to others and every blessing I have received through these cakes ... and you!

I pray you continue to live life to the fullest.  

Taste and see that God is good. 

 Life can be sweet when we choose to make a difference!!!



I am confused.  What are novelty, specialty or sculpted cakes?
Novelty and specialty cakes often refer to custom-designed cakes to meet people's needs.  Sculpted cakes are often known as 3D cakes as well, where cake designers actually have to hand craft cakes to the design desired.

Do you have a list of flavours you offer?
Here is a list of some of our favourite and most Flavours and Fillings (Click on "flavours and fillings" and then click one more time to enlarge picture).  However, feel free to discuss with us any flavours you might want and we will see what can be done!

Where are you located?
Sandy's Sweets is not a bakery shop.  I simply make cakes from my home in Markham.

Do you do wedding cakes?
Absolutely!  I love to do weddings! The best advice I have:  CONTACT me and we can discuss any of your ideas!

How much advanced notice do you need?
At least ONE WEEK prior to pick up date but preferably TWO weeks.  The rule of thumb:  the sooner the better.  Even if you don't have a confirmed number of servings needed or themes for the cake, I would advise you to contact me to check if your pickup date is still available.

Do you make peanut free cakes?
Absolutely!  That is how Sandy's Sweets started.  All the cakes are nut and peanut free.  SS also makes dairy, egg, soy and gluten free cakes.  Reduced sugar cakes are possible too.  Though I strive to get ingredients that are free of these ingredients, note that I cannot guarantee this 100% since sometimes ingredients might have been cross contaminated at packaging and distribution centres.

And yes, nut, dairy and egg free cakes CAN be delicious!

Do you teach?
From time to time I may teach.  Private parties and classes are also available upon request.

Click HERE for information about our latest classes!