My Story

Sandy's Sweets was never a dream I had.  I never thought I would be making cakes for people let alone own a bakery!

So why do I do this now?  How did I get here?

After having kids I quit my job and stayed home to raise our two wonderful kids.  I started joining playdates and meeting moms and kids.  I realized that my son was not the only one allergic to eggs and nuts but there were many other mothers and kids learning to live life with allergies ~ and allergies a lot more severe than those my son had.

So, for my son's 3rd birthday I set out to challenge myself:  to find a recipe for a cake that would not only be yummy but also dairy, nut, soy, and egg free.  It seemed impossible but what kept me searching was the hope to be able to see ALL the kids at my son's party eat cake and have a blast at the surprise.  Oh, and as an added bonus I wanted to attempt at making my first 3D cake :P

Unbeknownst to me, that was the start of the adventure.  One thing led to another.  Parents were ecstatic that everyone could enjoy the cake and encouraged me to think about selling them.  I went home that night curious at the thought.  I prayed about it and talked with my husband about it.  

But the thought of being able to bless people through sweets was something that was enticing and attractive ~ I felt drawn to this idea: to be able to make a tiny little bit of difference in the lives of parents and kids....

After 2 months, I decided to launch Sandy's Sweets.  What followed was a whirlwind adventure with ups and downs but all very rewarding and all full of a sense that this was a journey God has designed for me for a bigger purpose than I can see.

I have learned so much in the 2 years I've been doing this.  I have met so many people.  I have heard so many stories.  I have prayed and thought of people I would have never met if it was not because of this journey.  I have seen how wonderfully creative God is.  I have experienced the freedom that comes when I learn to rely on God for my plans rather than my own. I have experienced God's tender love and perfect timing - He showed me this 'gift' of cake decorating at a difficult time in my life.

People often say they admire that I can make cakes so beautiful.  Do you want to know a secret?  I am surprised every time I finish a cake!!!  I honestly had no idea I had it 'in me' - but God did.  And I believe He uncovered this gift just at the right time! ~ and I fully believe God has the same surprises in store for each one of us.  I am no different than you!

People continue to ask me what my hopes and dreams are for Sandy's Sweets - My answer to you, in all honesty, is "I don't know".  All I know is that I had no idea I would be doing this.  I know God's plans for Sandy's Sweets are better than what I can plan or foresee.  And I know that wherever He takes Sandy's Sweets, it will be something surprising, perhaps even challenging, but oh so fulfilling.

My ultimate goal for Sandy's Sweets, for every single cupcake, cookie or cake I make, is simple:

To delight in partnering with my creative God 
by providing special sweets to 
all the special people God loves so much
so that they may be blessed and 
have a sense of that love in their lives.

...I hope I am meeting that goal...

And so, the journey continues....

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